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September 22, 2011


To be realistic, It’s often said: One hundred years, Will see us all dead, Yet we lie, We cheat, We steal,  Though only from ourselves, – We’ve forgotten how to feel.   Life is brief, It’s passing by, Each fleeting moment, So why not try?   Time only moves forwards, Casting memories in its track, […]


September 18, 2011


Please let me tell you, said she: Of course, I’m not doing this for me, I’m just trying to help you find, Something to lend peace of mind, O’ child, so pristine that you are, Niavety won’t get you far…     © A. A. Trivedi                

full circle

September 16, 2011


To be held, To be felt, To be known, A ripple on the surface, Dreaming, not alone.   To be seen, To be heard, To be touched, Melting all the layers, Open but not rushed.   To be sensed, To connect, Unafraid to explore, Slowly entwining now, Together leaving the shore.   To fall and […]


September 14, 2011


Inside me there is light, Shining through like the first rays, Of the crisp morning’s sunrise, There is also the darkness,  Of a forest at night, The serenity of a stream, Within a tempestuous sea, Opposites all at once, The duality of me.             © A.A.Trivedi

in the forest

September 13, 2011


Lingering and haunting, Intangibly seductive,  So newly discovered,  Melodic – makes me pensive. A connection with another world,  Bridging distances within this one,  Guide me, show me, bring me,  Hold out my hand – the dream is won.  Spinning so fast,  I’m actually standing still,  The essence of time,  It bends to my will.  The […]

the night

September 12, 2011


“Let’s melt into the night, Together we’ll be, Never to perish, Just one with destiny”   “I will not abide, I have no desire to flee. For what you have to offer, Holds no allure for me. I pray you ask another, Someone more apropos, Who stands on your side, One who seeks all you […]


September 11, 2011


I would like to get to know you, It would be nice, To spend some time together, No intension to entice.  In a world full of expectations, And longings so hard to satisfy, I’d lost my own inner vision, Stumbling over every step, Barely getting by. But now I find the only way, To be […]