the night

Posted on September 12, 2011


“Let’s melt into the night,

Together we’ll be,

Never to perish,

Just one with destiny”


“I will not abide,

I have no desire to flee.

For what you have to offer,

Holds no allure for me.

I pray you ask another,

Someone more apropos,

Who stands on your side,

One who seeks all you know”


“Though you turn from me,

You cannot escape yourself,

What you do not allow to surface,

Echoes from within,

To deny ones true nature,

Don’t you think it a sin?”


“I do not know of that which you speak,

For you lurk in the shadows,

And prey on the weak.

…But if there be one thing,

To which I must confess,

There is a longing deep inside of me,

One I’ve tried but can’t address…”


“I know the vortex that turns your soul,

It gnaws at your being,

It won’t let you be whole.”


Thoughts and feelings finally rushed out,

They stared at one another,

Unable to hide, unwilling to doubt.


“Are you too lonely?

Has it been this way a while?”


“For the long road I’ve walked,

My heart has yet to smile…”


Things were now simple,

The moon shone bright.

Slowly she took his hand and said:

“Let’s melt into the night”.

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