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October 31, 2011


On a cold winter’s night, The wind howls outside, In the middle of the city, A restless girl sighs. High up in her tower, As the world passes by, In a soft silken dress, Alluring green eyes.   She lights a few candles, And wallows in their glow, Then feeling distracted, She gazes down below, […]


October 29, 2011


I close my eyes, Daydream of night, When the harsh world is cloaked, I find my respite.   Peaceful and calm, Here I feel accepted, Daylight but mirrors, Vanity – so crudely reflected.    While silence and darkness, Make some feel alone, For souls who are seeking, The night guides us home.   © A.A.Trivedi […]


October 28, 2011


She sat there, a danger, Nestled amongst the lies, Stared me down in a moment, With a glint in her raven eyes.   I ran through the streets, She followed me home, Wildly she chattered, Wouldn’t leave me alone!   A tongue so sharp and restless, White hot blade of a knife, But the thoughts […]

in the middle

October 26, 2011


  Is the answer yes, Or is it a no? I’m driven to see, That I don’t know. Sometimes things are, Neither right, nor wrong, Black and white woven, Bring beauty to the song. Think and think, It’s what I do, The more, the less, I have a clue. Caught up in the complex, Left […]


October 18, 2011


I walk not run, Across the threshold, Of a place that long kept, My nights and days.   Some moments, soft paradise, Some, sharp in pain, All are born here, Few find they remain.   That is the nature of this realm, Transient at best, And even then.   Some choose to dwell, As a […]

the six honest serving-men

October 15, 2011


“I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who.” — Rudyard Kipling. What? What you seek, Cannot be given, And not taken away, It is only elusive until, It’s defined.   Why? Why is sometimes, Answered best, By asking […]