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the flower

November 24, 2011


The flower is late, But she will yet bloom, And her sweet fragrance, Will yet fill the room.   And the heads, She will turn, With her beauty, They will yet yearn.   And her colours, Be they so bright, That she’ll charm, All those in sight.   The flower who is late, Lets out […]

a place with

November 22, 2011


Can you imagine a place with, Amazing landscapes where, Nothing holds you back from, Achieving whatever you desire? Doing everything in the spirit of wonder, And adventure? – I can.   ©2011, A.A.Trivedi

liebster blog award

November 20, 2011


    It is an honour to be a recipient of this award. I would like to thank an awesome fellow blogger for choosing my blog. Her poetry is inspiring, honest and touching and I heartily encourage you to check out her blog at the link below:   I am a new blogger and though […]

one day

November 18, 2011


One day my mind will agree, With the musings of my dear heart, One day the world will be fair and all the pieces, Will fit together to make the whole part.   One day I will achieve, Each and every dream, One day the stars in the sky won’t be, As far as they […]


November 18, 2011


Lines so intricate, Twisting and turning, With paths sometimes hidden, Forking – not becoming.   I had planned my journey, From start to finish, I knew nothing else, Arriving was my only wish.   But without knowing, How, where or when, I became lost in the woods unable, To find my way back again.   […]


November 11, 2011


Today marks the eleventh, Day of November, For all I may forget, I promise to remember: Those we lost because, They made the choice, To rid extreme tyranny, With true sacrifice, To keep our great nations, Always strong and free, That future generations, Would know liberty. So on this day, Each and every year, I […]


November 7, 2011


You’re dressed in black, I’m wearing white, In the desert we meet, By the fading sunlight.   The purple dunes, A darkening sky, There remain no paths, Nor rules to abide by.   You take my hand, We start to dance, All that is forever, Is – contained in our trance.   It’s been this […]