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January 31, 2012


A cold, frigid blanket, For so long, Had frozen solid, What once was strong. The embers lived buried, Under the icy sheet, Met with sheer indifference, By the souls I’d meet. A silken smooth, And tender stare, Went invisible, unwanted, As I laid it bare. But how sweet of time, To preserve, not extinguish, Life […]

the battlefield

January 24, 2012


In the centre I stand, Of this great Battlefield, Dismayed at a war, That no fruit will yield.   My only respite – the wise Charioteer, Who smiles at me and says: “Just fight and don’t fear, For over the result, You have no control, – So fight, my friend fight! And fulfill your true role”. […]


January 19, 2012


I am an observer who, Sees the ebb and flow, Nations rise and fall before, Me and people come and go. I am the endless space, Between now and then, The answer to every question, That begins and ends with ‘when’.   I am always present yet, The mystery of I, Is that I have […]

obsidian hall

January 19, 2012


  Beyond these iron gates there lies, Located somewhere outside, The city, a great raven-coloured gem, With four turrets – four crowns of pride.   The locals know to call it, By its true and ancient name, For in its day it surely was no less, A monument to wealth and fame.   But plunderers started […]


January 18, 2012


Touched by me, To be touched by you, We touch each other, And make it true, Touched by yourself, Be rid of doubt, Touched within, To be touched without.   © 2012, A.A.Trivedi


January 12, 2012


The volcano that lay dormant, Last night it did erupt, The sound of its past silence, Now distant and abrupt. The tide that is rising, Swells for the silver moon, Crashing on the arid shore, Comes not a moment too soon. The breeze that has touched me, Is softly caressing you, You let out a […]