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February 22, 2012


Our orders dictate we act Like cold and hollow shells Dispatched each day After day, after day Across a city made dull By the rained-hazed sky Where sentiment decays Fem-bots wear skirts Men-bots wear ties Steaming paper cups In hand to fuel the ride Poker faced we play A game that has no end Making […]

unwrap my heart

February 14, 2012


Unwrap my heart carefully Lay it bare so you can see Its deepest yearnings Its losses, its longings Unwrap my heart Perhaps start at the edge? Its depth will catch you When you step off your ledge Unwrap my heart keep it Close at your side Feel it beating in rhythm Along with your stride Unwrap […]

the artist

February 13, 2012


Developed through detailed etchings On the walls of my prison cell Loneliness became an artform that I came to know only too well. Playing the part of the artist Living each day for my art Devoted to finish a painting that Others chose for me to start. All hours I do spend pouring Myself into this masterpiece […]

deepest sympathy

February 10, 2012


Dear you – sitting there Untouched by fear or The unparalleled beauty Of an open heart… Dear you – yes you Gliding so effortlessly on The crisp and clean surface of A pristine life… Dear you – I see you Toying too well with The delicate and rich Emotions of another…. Dear you – lucky you Who cannot get hurt, nor Entangled in the web Of commonality and connection… […]