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May 17, 2012


I cannot see it But I know it’s there It stays with me even When you’re not here And darkened corridors Seem peaceful not dim I feel it sometimes Stirring slowly within It covers me like The rays of the sun So that when we embrace It’s just us and no one This feeling we […]

time machine

May 11, 2012


Come step inside Take a look around Be unperturbed There is no sound Stay undisturbed And free to wander Revisit your childhood Or what lies yonder An interesting contraption Is the mind The source of all Leaving nothing behind Indeed what is it If not a time machine Where the past is memory And the […]


May 10, 2012


Do not fear Just breathe… …Slowly in then out again For no moment exists If it does not exist now The longest journey begins With a single step The destination Matters much less Than that first step …And those to follow To grow Is to walk Constantly hand-in-hand With the unknown So let us stride […]