14 years

Posted on July 31, 2013



14 years

have passed me by

without ever knowing

when or why?

to sighs of my impatience

they would wisely say

‘enjoy this time now

– don’t wish it away’

sure, it’s true

the day’s not done yet

so much still to do

which if I don’t, I’ll regret

but the past seems rich

with those good old days

when life was so fresh

and many were its ways

14 years ago

they’d smile at me:

‘don’t fast forward time

just let it be!’

this chase with time

I’m slowly losing track

back and forth

forth and back

if all that’s left are memories

of what’s been and done

and the next 14 are half as good

I’ll consider this game won.


© A.A.Trivedi 2013

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