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day and night

July 20, 2014


Sunlight melts the darkness away …then night envelopes its light each trying to displace the other but none can claim both sides the waves cover the shore, a while …retreating back with their tides to plunge to the depths below or soar above, taking flight… first longing for the day to break soon after, hungering […]

forever dream

May 31, 2013


Is this all I have left? did I craft this for myself? unknown until I’d grown these seeds I had sewn where my life doesn’t flow and I’ve nowhere left to go a childhood filled with smiles now too distant – not just in miles to one more night so little sleep only memories lie […]

a new day

April 16, 2012


Isolated, alienated Where difference Equals dis-ease Segregated, separated Beliefs that only Limit and tease Starved, stricken In an arid field That could not conceive Ebbed, retreated Deep solitude Some peace to achieve Replenished, reconciled With a new day Come forth – and receive  © 2012, A.A.Trivedi

the presence

December 9, 2011


He had always hated, The call of the dark, A wind howled through the trees, He heard the wild dogs bark.   But ‘twas not just the hounds, Nor the wilderness alone, That stirred his sentiments, alas, It was the hidden and unknown.   The cloak of darkness only, Made his anguish grow, For strange […]


October 28, 2011


She sat there, a danger, Nestled amongst the lies, Stared me down in a moment, With a glint in her raven eyes.   I ran through the streets, She followed me home, Wildly she chattered, Wouldn’t leave me alone!   A tongue so sharp and restless, White hot blade of a knife, But the thoughts […]


September 14, 2011


Inside me there is light, Shining through like the first rays, Of the crisp morning’s sunrise, There is also the darkness,  Of a forest at night, The serenity of a stream, Within a tempestuous sea, Opposites all at once, The duality of me.             © A.A.Trivedi