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day and night

July 20, 2014


Sunlight melts the darkness away …then night envelopes its light each trying to displace the other but none can claim both sides the waves cover the shore, a while …retreating back with their tides to plunge to the depths below or soar above, taking flight… first longing for the day to break soon after, hungering […]

you / aap

November 1, 2011


If not you, Someone else would do, But if someone else, Then why not you…?   Agar aap nahin, To koi aur sahi, Magar aur koi, To aap kyoon nahin?     ©2011, A.A.Trivedi

in the middle

October 26, 2011


  Is the answer yes, Or is it a no? I’m driven to see, That I don’t know. Sometimes things are, Neither right, nor wrong, Black and white woven, Bring beauty to the song. Think and think, It’s what I do, The more, the less, I have a clue. Caught up in the complex, Left […]