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14 years

July 31, 2013


14 years have passed me by without ever knowing when or why? to sighs of my impatience they would wisely say ‘enjoy this time now – don’t wish it away’ sure, it’s true the day’s not done yet so much still to do which if I don’t, I’ll regret but the past seems rich with […]

final flight

January 31, 2013


Adrift in a land where nothing makes sense burdens and worries my mind’s last defense the tide of peace slowly comes in, but goes out the candle begins to flicker I extinguish the doubt if this is but a play I’ve acted out my part all I’ve left are the memories from the end to […]


January 18, 2012


Touched by me, To be touched by you, We touch each other, And make it true, Touched by yourself, Be rid of doubt, Touched within, To be touched without.   © 2012, A.A.Trivedi


September 11, 2011


I would like to get to know you, It would be nice, To spend some time together, No intension to entice.  In a world full of expectations, And longings so hard to satisfy, I’d lost my own inner vision, Stumbling over every step, Barely getting by. But now I find the only way, To be […]