forever dream

May 31, 2013


Is this all I have left? did I craft this for myself? unknown until I’d grown these seeds I had sewn where my life doesn’t flow and I’ve nowhere left to go a childhood filled with smiles now too distant – not just in miles to one more night so little sleep only memories lie […]

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April 1, 2013


  some petals fell away without my knowing I’d have stopped to notice if not for the life that’s growing for the part that’s gone away and will not return the horizon looms ahead now I must take a fresh new turn spring changes to summer and sunlight fills each room the garden bursts into life as […]

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February 27, 2013


My love for those around me I give its warmth to you Each tear when I’ve lost not found me I cry in ecstasy for you Every dream I hold close and dear Is dreamed to be closer to you Every doubt, every anguish and fear Helps me take shelter in you I want every […]

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February 21, 2013


beyond what I do or where I live the dissonance of who should take who should give beyond all the noise or the voices hushed what lingers on and all that is rushed beyond the day or even the night higher than peace lower than the fight held within but a sigh one hope so […]

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final flight

January 31, 2013


Adrift in a land where nothing makes sense burdens and worries my mind’s last defense the tide of peace slowly comes in, but goes out the candle begins to flicker I extinguish the doubt if this is but a play I’ve acted out my part all I’ve left are the memories from the end to […]

passing through

December 19, 2012


There once was a time When my journey lay before me Though the road was long And many were its ways I blazed my path quickly Beaming through my days Now nears the time To pass my candle on I hope it gives light Long after I’m gone… © A.A.Trivedi, 2012

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all hallows’ eve

October 31, 2012


Stoking bonfires Of soulless desires Round and round Less and less found Dissolved bigger picture Hearts fall and fracture Disbelieving gut An aimless rut Wavers not the whim That stirs to sin And seeks easy bounty Of all that we fancy Bothers least to strive To keep the soul alive Creeping, roaming, drifting The veil […]

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