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the way

October 29, 2013


“You see one way I see another We see the whole When we see together” © A.A. Trivedi 2013   Advertisements


February 27, 2013


My love for those around me I give its warmth to you Each tear when I’ve lost not found me I cry in ecstasy for you Every dream I hold close and dear Is dreamed to be closer to you Every doubt, every anguish and fear Helps me take shelter in you I want every […]


February 21, 2013


beyond what I do or where I live the dissonance of who should take who should give beyond all the noise or the voices hushed what lingers on and all that is rushed beyond the day or even the night higher than peace lower than the fight held within but a sigh one hope so […]


October 5, 2012


If truth be told Then this is what’s True   When my eyes first open I want to see You   Like a bee around a flower I dance around You   A song I’d sing for hours is The melody of You   As is heat from fire I’m inseparable from You   If […]


September 14, 2012


Your face is stunning But your mind ever radiant Your personality pleasant But your attitude uplifts Your voice soft and sweet But your words, they enthrall You don’t seem to notice But that’s the beauty With so little to give You give so much No one to talk to Yet you let me talk Your […]


May 17, 2012


I cannot see it But I know it’s there It stays with me even When you’re not here And darkened corridors Seem peaceful not dim I feel it sometimes Stirring slowly within It covers me like The rays of the sun So that when we embrace It’s just us and no one This feeling we […]


April 20, 2012


Like sweetness, the seduction Lingers all around Everywhere are clues Of the treasure to be found His voice is soft As a summer’s breeze His touch so gentle — Just enough to tease His subtle fragrance Hangs in the air An ache of desire Getting too much to bear His soul has explored From the […]