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A Walk with the Damned

March 13, 2015


We gathered around the tour guide, just off of Bourbon Street. He scanned each member of our group with keen interest, beginning his introduction, “N’Awlins, is a place of history – and intrigue… “The type of place with many an interesting tale to tell on a moonlit summer’s night. The modern world doesn’t understand it, […]

the presence (short story)

September 10, 2012


He feels particularly on edge tonight, as he sits rigidly in his mahogany chair. Moonlight falls in a bold stripe across the faded rug in the middle of the living room.  The windows are closed but the curtains were drawn carelessly, as somewhat of a hurried afterthought. The silver ray of light that has crept […]


October 31, 2011


On a cold winter’s night, The wind howls outside, In the middle of the city, A restless girl sighs. High up in her tower, As the world passes by, In a soft silken dress, Alluring green eyes.   She lights a few candles, And wallows in their glow, Then feeling distracted, She gazes down below, […]