A Walk with the Damned

March 13, 2015


We gathered around the tour guide, just off of Bourbon Street. He scanned each member of our group with keen interest, beginning his introduction, “N’Awlins, is a place of history – and intrigue… “The type of place with many an interesting tale to tell on a moonlit summer’s night. The modern world doesn’t understand it, […]

one cold january night

January 10, 2015


It hit me so hard I felt no pain From the shards Lying shattered And lost in the dark Before feeling that blow How did I not know That this is it – and It’s all that there is? My longings have gone All my cravings dissolve Into and beyond the abyss Am I alone […]

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day and night

July 20, 2014


Sunlight melts the darkness away …then night envelopes its light each trying to displace the other but none can claim both sides the waves cover the shore, a while …retreating back with their tides to plunge to the depths below or soar above, taking flight… first longing for the day to break soon after, hungering […]

resting place

January 26, 2014


the snow softly quilts this vast resting place no cold to be felt by its wintery embrace. each day I pass by my mind too does stay a moment in peace with nowhere to stray. the sun lends its light to this place where she’ll keep so still that great cradle where, the dreamless come […]

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the way

October 29, 2013


“You see one way I see another We see the whole When we see together” © A.A. Trivedi 2013  

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my yesterdays

September 22, 2013


You told me of yours Please listen to mine They were great and brilliant You’ve always been kind Days filled with joy Few cares, more laughter I had never dreamed then That there would be an after That I’d ‘grow up’ And move far away That we’d talk less Than lots everyday When this world […]

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14 years

July 31, 2013


14 years have passed me by without ever knowing when or why? to sighs of my impatience they would wisely say ‘enjoy this time now – don’t wish it away’ sure, it’s true the day’s not done yet so much still to do which if I don’t, I’ll regret but the past seems rich with […]

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forever dream

May 31, 2013


Is this all I have left? did I craft this for myself? unknown until I’d grown these seeds I had sewn where my life doesn’t flow and I’ve nowhere left to go a childhood filled with smiles now too distant – not just in miles to one more night so little sleep only memories lie […]

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April 1, 2013


  some petals fell away without my knowing I’d have stopped to notice if not for the life that’s growing for the part that’s gone away and will not return the horizon looms ahead now I must take a fresh new turn spring changes to summer and sunlight fills each room the garden bursts into life as […]

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February 27, 2013


My love for those around me I give its warmth to you Each tear when I’ve lost not found me I cry in ecstasy for you Every dream I hold close and dear Is dreamed to be closer to you Every doubt, every anguish and fear Helps me take shelter in you I want every […]

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